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B.L.D.Renovations is a owner/ operator hands on Company. Created and owned by Brian L. Dubay who, after nearly thirty years of working on site directly with clients, is more passionate than ever about bringing his clients visions to life. As a young man, starting as a carpenters helper while working far an accomplished company in Conneticut, Brian mastered his meticulous carpentry skills together with his highly communicative client & business skills needed to run a successful company. Each and every worker, sub-contractor and affiliate associated with B.L.D.Renovations is personally chosen and screened for like business attributes which we believe make up a successful and pleasant experience for each and every client.
"We first listen and fully understand the clients wants, needs and desires, then use every resource available to accomplish these. Be there (if needed) to guide, help and inform the client toward intelligent choices considering time frame, the wide array of materials, and, of course, their individual budget constraints. Implement the plan set forth using our many years of experience, knowledge of remodeling, trustworthy, reliable high quality craftsman and the most comprehensive materials available to accomplish this goal. Lastly, bringing our clients vision to life and not resting until every effort has been exhausted to ensure our clients complete job satisfaction. We believe our 100% client satisfaction rate speaks for itself.

Originally from East Hartford,
Conneticut. Brian L. Dubay
started in construction working
  with concrete forms for 3 years while in high school and college. Worked installing windows and vinyl siding for two different companies for 4 years. Worked as a foreman/supervisor for a well respected building and remodeling contractor in Conneticut for 12 years (LaBroke Builders). While working for other companies he always had ongoing projects in preparation for his own company, which he established in 1996. Worked 1996 - 2001 in Conneticut as B.L.D. Renovations. Relocated to Cape Cod in 2001 to further challenge his craftsmanship, and has taken various tech college courses in woodworking along numerous business classes and business related functions.  
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